For the month of October, I will be reflecting on St. John’s new Mutual Ministry goals for 2021/2022. They came out of a session of discernment with parish council in the summer. I am excited by them, and I hope they will guide our energy, ministryand prayer in the coming year. How will you join in?

 Goal #2: St. Bernard’s

 It still feels a little scandalous to think that little ol’ St. John’s is taking on something as bold as starting a new worshipping community in Whistler. However, I think it is incredible, a real act of trust and faith, and I am so grateful for the support of the parish so far. It is risky, but I don’t think that is a bad thing at all – the way of Jesus is risk for love’s sake.  

 The amazing thing is that it is in some ways already happening.We now have a group (albeit small) meeting and praying every week in Whistler. It is a reminder to all of us in the Sea to Sky that you do not need all that much to be Church; just a few weary souls in need of rest, and some hearts willing to offer thanks and praise to their Creator.

My invitation to you, dear Church, regarding this goal is to own this ministry. St. Bernard’s is us, this is St. John’s doing something amazing. I also ask that you pray. Pray for St. Bernard’s, for this vision of a community that provides a place of prayerful sanctuary in the mountains of Whistler.

 In the metaphor of “church planting,” let us prepare the soil, plant, water, fertilize, weed, and finally wait patiently, and see what growth God the Great Gardener gives.


Thanks be to God!