I am glad that one of the times that we most seriously engage with and reflect on stewardship falls on the Sunday when we celebrate the Reign of Christ every year.

What is the Reign of Christ? Perhaps it is in some ways synonymous with the Kingdom of God, that reality which is somehow mysteriously both now and not yet, here and still to come. 

I believe that as followers of Jesus we are invited to steward what we have differently, to use our gifts as if that Kingdom has already come. It is a bold and risky way of being in a world that is not quite ready for it; that is not ready for radical, self-giving generosity and hospitality, for true justice and mercy, for abundant joy and peace.

However, the fruits of this sort of stewardship would be, I believe, transformative, both for us, and for our world.

So, I invite you this day and every day, in both big and small ways to use your money, your time, your words, your mercy and your love, as if the Reign of Christ was real, as if we were already citizens of heaven, as if Christ truly was our king. 

Thanks be to God!