For the month of October, I will be reflecting on St. John’s new Mutual Ministry goals for 2021/2022. They came out of a session of discernment with parish council in the summer. I am excited by them, and I hope they will guide our energy, ministry and prayer in the coming year. How will you join in? 

Goal #3: Sustainability. 

Sustainability in the context of our mutual ministry goals does not mean environmentalism (though that too is a worthy goal), but the sustainability of our physical and financial resources. 

As we all know, we must fix the roof. That is a big undertaking. However, it is important that if we are going to have a building that it doesn’t leak. 

Most of us also realize that the curacy grant that was in some ways “bridge funding” to assist St. John’s transition from a half-time paid minister to a full-time paid minister ended this year. 2022 is the year we see how we do on our own – what happens next. We will need to think creatively, and act faithfully and courageously to fund the mission we hope and dream for at St. John’s. 

We don’t need a building or a full-time minister to be the Church. That’s not what this goal is about. Instead, this goal makes a statement that for us, right here and right now, we believe that this building and a full-time ordained minister equips us to follow Jesus where we have been called, here in the Sea to Sky. 

As we work on this goal this year, my invitation to you is to never forget our primary objective: to follow Jesus; to love God and our neighbour in this place. Remember, sustainability is a means, not the end. Let us not be filled with anxiety and become preoccupied with our own institutional life and survival – that is not a compelling witness.

We walk on, knowing God is always with us, no matter what. 

Thanks be to God!