In the morning while walking the dogs I do a lot of remembering/thinking/reflecting.

Remembering a young foster child many years ago who caused a lot of consternation from his family when he announced he had been talking to God.  Of course, he had been talking to God, he had been praying.

Remembering a saying that I wrote down years ago.  It says in part “Hi this is God. I’ll be taking care of all your problems today.”

With all the news these days of fires ravishing BC and large amounts of the world, Covid and a fourth wave, the Taliban sweeping across Afghanistan and other disasters, I have to talk to God and let him take care of this.  I can’t.  Give it to God in prayer.

What I can do is thank Him for my blessings.  I can enjoy the bird song, the small bird splashing in my fountain.  I can appreciate the flowers in the gardens as I walk by, I can enjoy the crunch of the leaves at the side of the road.  There are many things to be grateful for.  Thanks be to God.


Karen B.