Thanksgiving, like most kinds of prayers, is more than just a thought or a feeling. It needs to be, I think. It should always move us to action, to generosity. This is not necessarily paying it back, but rather more importantly paying it forward - blessing others as we have been blessed. 

Thanksgiving, in this way, is at the heart of God’s economy – an economy rooted in grace, abundance and communal flourishing. It is a powerful and countercultural way to be in the world, as opposed to the current system, which is based on fear, scarcity, and focused on the self. 

Part of us here at St. John’s striving to be a Thanksgiving community is having Holy Eucharist at the centre of our worship (“eucharist” in Greek actually means “thanksgiving.”) This ancient sacrament is both meal and prayer, but at its heart, is a re-collecting of salvation history – thanks-giving for God’s enduring love and faithfulness towards us and the world. 

Let us meditate upon, pray, and put into practice thanks-giving this weekend and all year round. 

Thanks be to God!