Well, one might say, what’s the big deal? It’s only a little paint. It doesn’t feed people, or clothe them, or teach, or preach. It’s only a little paint - it is all very ordinary. 

 That might be true. However, God uses the ordinary and the mundane – what we don’t expect –for God’s holy work, and thus makes the mundane and ordinary holy. God reveals God’s self in what is earthy, everyday and unassuming ,to bless us – to bless the world. 

We are currently in “Ordinary” time. A time without any of the special distinctions of Advent, or Lent, or Easter, or any of the other seasons of the Church year. However, though plain and unassuming, it is so important – it is the time of quiet growings. 

God is at work, building a beautiful kingdom with holy ordinary things, holy ordinary moments. God works in ordinary things, in bread and wine, seeds and soil, water and babies, shepherds and fishermen, you and me, and yes, maybe even a little paint.

Thanks be to God!