Angels are one of those things Christians sometimes don’t know what to do with. Some people love them, others can become quite embarrassed by them and try to sweep them under the rug.

 However, you might be interested to know that in Canada, while belief in God or a higher power has dropped in the past decades(along with most religious beliefs), belief in angels has remained stable.* Angels do not seem to be going anywhere, and as our scriptures and tradition are full of them, we should probably figure out what to do with these celestial beings.

 I’ll be honest, I’m not that interested in learning whether you believe in angels or not, what is more interesting to me is wondering what angels might tell us about the nature of God.  

 1. Angels tell us that God is a creative God. Angels remind us that this world is full of wonder; full of things that are beyond our comprehension – things seen and unseen.

 2. Angels tell us that God is a good God. Angels remind us that not only are there things beyond our comprehension, but that there are forces unknown to us that are working for good.

 3. Angels tell us that God is a communicative God. Angels bring messages through their words and actions, like “don’tbe afraid” – messages that we need to hear. Angels remind us to listen, that there are things that we need to know.

 4. Angels tell us that God is a relational God. Angels remind us that God chooses not to be God without others, without helpers, without community. God includes all.

 So, let us celebrate this feast. Let us take this opportunity to have a party, joining our voices with all creation. Let us sing with things seen and unseen, with the great cloud of witnesses, with all the heavenly hosts, knowing that in this choir, we are ingood company.


Thanks be to God!