St. John the Divine Church Council Meeting


April 5th 2020


Via Zoom

Present: Reverend Cameron Gutjahr, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey,

Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Muriel Shephard, Anna Morgan

Regrets: Elaine Graham Note taker: Anna Morgan

Opening Prayer: Cameron recited a poem The Donkey by Chesterton
View and Acceptance of agenda. Moved by Karen seconded by Muriel...carried

Review and Acceptance of minutes...tabled till next meeting

Financials and Envelopes

Eve noted we have still been able to pay the bills.
Rita explained the pledged money from January 1st. - Feb.29th. Moved by Eve Seconded by Karen....

General Information...David and Cameron had a zoom meeting with the group from Diocese. Cameron’s salary will be paid and no assessment taxes from the parish for 5 months.

Fundraising The Spring Fling is cancelled, there was a discussion about doing something smaller in the summer.


all the carpet has been installed.

  • There have been no new leaks in the roof

  • A big round of thanks to Trevor for not only looking after maintenance but

    keeping us connected during the new “online distance reality”. A you tube

    account has been set up and is running.

  • In this time of isolation the rent has not been payed. Our property manager will

    deal with this we may qualify for some help from the government.

Staying Connected-Mandy Thursday and Good Friday services will be held on line Cameron has been in touch with Karen at the United Church to co-ordinate. Possibly

use zoom.
Discussion about trying to use zoom for certain services.

Parish List Updating-

Cameron would like to see a proper Parish List created. David Pam ,Rita ,Elaine

,and Sarah Jane have volunteered to call parish members.

  • The Virtual discussion group met successfully on Zoom.

  • The Prayer group met successfully on zoom.

  • We need ideas for staying connected and showing love and care for the

    congregation during this unusual time.

Children’s Ministry Grant

there were 2 applicants none at the interview stage.

Prayer Group Discussion Group Ministry Group

  • all continue on Zoom.

  • Cameron will look into the Healing Touch .groups request.

Easter Cameron will continue his online sermons .they have been well received. Jesus in Islam

Pam discussed her meeting on the 15th. with Anwer Qadir..the Multi Faith group is also excited to participate.

Adjournment.. moved by Dave seconded by Karen. Carried. Next meeting date May3rd.
Meeting closed with the Grace.