Jason Wood will be a guest musician, leading music for St. John's service on August 23rd. Read a little more about Jason and his music below...

Jason Wood lives in Coquitlam with his wife Anna, is training for ordination, and works as the Youth and Families Ministry Coordinator at St. Laurence Anglican Church. As The Forest Archive, he pairs the energy and earthiness of grassroots folk with a lyricism rooted in the poetry of the ancient psalmists and prophets. Sung by and for community, his songs invite others to join in a deeper story, a divine epic of celebration and lament, longing and gratitude, resistance to injustice and unfettered joy. 
Last year The Forest Archive released his first album, "A Garden Green", a collection of songs inspired by the Songs of Ascent. Earlier this month, he also released the 4-song EP "Instruments of Peace", songs celebrating and strengthening God's people for the beautiful, demanding, and energizing work of peace. All EP sales for the next 2 months are going toward House of Hope, a free kindergarten and after-school program based in a slum community in Jakarta. To find out more, check out: http://servantsasia.org/countries/indonesia/
Find The Forest Archive's music at https://theforestarchive.bandcamp.com