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Our online Nativity Display is now live and can be found at:

Dearly Beloved, 

I pray that you are well. I am, particularly after a lovely week of rest. Thank you to Elaine, Canon Lawton and everyone who helped make that possible. I hiked, I prayed, I watched some TV and played some video games. It was restorative for my mind, body and soul!

I am writing to let you know about our upcoming Nativity Display. We are going ahead with this as an exclusively online gallery of nativity sets. I hope that it might be a beautiful way for us as a praying community to get ready, and to share the story of Christmas with our wider community!

If you have nativity sets that you would be willing to have photographed and displayed, we ask that you come by the church tomorrow (Thursday December 3rd) from 2pm to 4pm, or Friday (December 4th) from 1pm to 4pm to drop them off. There will be a table just outside the parking lot doors to drop sets off at, to allow for zero-contact delivery. 

If you are unable or feel uncomfortable with delivering yourself, contact the office and we will do our best to arrange a no-contact pickup from your address. 

We will hold on to nativity sets for about a week and will get in touch with you about returning them next week.

Please include with each nativity set a card with your name, contact information, as well as a short, 1-3 sentence writeup about the set (if it has not been displayed in previous years). 

Let me also take this as an opportunity to plug our online auction supporting the ministry of St. John’s and Community Christmas Care. There have been some new items added, so do check it out and share with friends, family and neighbours – anyone really!

I pray that you may have a Holy Advent as we watch and wait in hope, love, joy and peace.