Parish Council Draft Agenda

December 13, 2020

Present: Rev. Cameron Gutjahr, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard

Note taker: Elaine Graham

Rita opened the meeting with prayer. 

Karen moved and Muriel seconded that the agenda be accepted as presented. Carried 


Rev. Cameron brought greetings from Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Whonnock

where he preached this morning. 

St. John received notice from the District of Squamish that the application for tax exemption has been approved. This stands for the next five years. 

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes 

It was noted that there was an error in the date of the Equity and Inclusion training, it is to be changed to 2021 not 2012 

Pam moved and Rita seconded that the past minutes be accepted. Carried 

Business Arising from Minutes 

All items will be covered in this meeting. 

It was noted that the assessment of current technology for streaming services has not happened yet.

Financials and Envelopes Report

Eve presented the financials reports for November 2020. 

Eve informed the committee that the diocese has requested that the Children’s ministry grant be returned. When the parish is able to start this program a new application is required. The full amount will be returned by the end of December.

Eve moved and Anna seconded that the financial reports be accepted as circulated. Carried

Envelope Report

Rita presented the envelope report. Pledges are being covered. 

The Envelopes for 2021 have arrived, we will need to figure out how to distribute them.

Rita mentioned that perhaps someone may want to learn how to do this reporting.

Fundraising + Stewardship Update

Purdy’s Update 

Rita reported that a profit of $540.78 was made on the Purdy’s order. We are waiting for the cheque from Purdy’s. 

Auction Update

$2,333.00 was raised from the auction, some money is still coming in.

A big thank you to Rev. Cameron for setting up the auction, it was a lot of work and very well received.

Community Christmas care will receive ½ of the auction proceeds

Stewardship Campaign Update

Rita reported that 14 pledges have been received so far totalling $30,244.00 for the general fund 

Rev Cameron will continue to encourage people to return their pledges

Pledges will be blessed on Epiphany, thank you cards will be sent

Rev. Cameron and Rita will connect with those on PAD 

New people have sent in the pledges 

The total of pledges received by the end of 2019 was 29 


Community Christmas Care will be in the church this week

There was much discussion about the disbursement of the balance of the outreach funds.  ($2,400.00)

 $1,200.00 for Christmas Care leaving a balance of $1,200.00 

Muriel moved and Pam seconded that $600.00 be sent to the Women’s Centre and $600.00 to Between the Shifts Theatre Company. Carried

Rev. Cameron hopes that next year there will be a member of the council from Whistler, we will then have a better idea of the needs there. 

Equity & Inclusion Training

still on the list -   no update at this time



Rent is being received on time, due to Covid 19 Danielle has not been able to go inside for an inspection 


David is connecting with Andy, a tarp will go up in December and work will begin in January, there are some issues with the roof around the tower

Whistler Update

Rev. Cameron met with the Whistler discernment group of 4 plus Rev. Cameron over Zoom. They are planning for the future and are excited to be a part of St. John. 


Rev. Cameron asked that everyone share the nativity display information and thanked everyone for helping out

Carol sing a long – today at 2pm 

Christmas Eve: 4pm Family short service – live on Zoom

Christmas Eve: 7pm recorded “lessons and carols”

Christmas Day: 10am Service – live on Zoom

Will need people to do prayers and scripture – Elaine will make those contacts 

December 27th combined worship with Squamish United Church 

January 3rd, Ken from Whistler will preach 

Staying Connected

David provided an update on Shaw services. Details for the package are attached. David moved and Karen seconded that we go forward with option A. Carried

(Details are provided in the PDF download at the bottom of this report.)

Ministry Groups

Song and a Story           for the new year Rev Cameron to lead this for younger kids toddler to 5 or 7 

The Bible study, prayer group, discussion group on pause until January 

Vestry + Parish Council

It was decided that the vestry meeting will be held on Sunday February 28th 2021 at 11:30. The diocese will be coming up with guidelines for Vestry meetings.

Rev. Cameron has asked people to email him to let him know if they are willing/able to remain on the parish council. 

Next Parish Council Meeting – January 24th at 11:30

Adjournment – David moved for adjournment 

 Closing Prayer + Grace