Parish Council Minutes

October 25th. 2021

Present :Rev. Cameron Gutjahr, Igor Oliveira, Eve Brealey, Andrew Runciman, Karen Brumpton, Rita Carey, Davis Hildreth

Regrets: Edie Hildreth, Stacey Spencer

Secretary : Anna Morgan

Rev. Cameron opened with a prayer

Review and Adoption of Agenda: Karen moved, Andrew seconded, that the agenda be accepted as amended. Carried

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes: Rita moved, Karen seconded, that the minutes be accepted  as written. Carried

Business Arrising from the minutes- will all be included in  the agenda.

Financial/Envelope Reports

Eve noted that the GST rebate of over $800 came during the month of October and has not been recorded until next month. $450 will go to building fund and $400 to the General Fund. Excess Income and Expenses total to the end of September was $40,852.50. Clergy expense Priest in Charge $7672.06 will be moved to Full time clergy expense. Our Outreach cheque was mailed to the Anglican Foundation in October. Our building loan is accessible and available and will be used as needed.It was noted that $35,000. was transferred to Savings to gain some interest. 

Rita noted that the Pledged and Unpledged  totals match. Some people pay yearly and we are on target…it will reconcile at the end of the year. More people are donating on line but 30 sets of envelopes have been ordered. Approximately 15-20 people currently still use envelopes.

Review and Acceptance: Moved by Rita and Seconded by Andrew that the October financial reports be accepted as presented. Carried

Fundraising/ Stewardship

Pam will handle the DeVrys order this year for wreaths,planters,poinsettias. A newsletter e mail will be sent to the congregation with dates etc…

The November 27th. Bazaar will be in person . It will be held t the same time as the Nativity display. Cameron has spoken with the Diocese and all COVID measures will be followed. Rita suggested perhaps 1 or 2 people could be cashiers and cut down on the person to person contact. Information details will be made to the congregation in a newsletter. Rita will update the outside display sign.Lou has volunteered to make swags. It was suggested that the phoning committee might be useful for those who do not have e mail. Donald and Norma will help with the nativity display organization.

Cameron discussed having a Raise The Roof Concert at a later date in November.

Cameron explained what Stewardship month is. November is normally Stewardship month. He will update the pledge forms..Cameron has several people in mind  that he will  approach to do a short presentation during Sunday morning church

Outreach/ PWRDF

David discussed the great work that PWRDF does. He noted that 99 other churches have made a donation of $525. to support buying a farm. Cameron discussed the many wonderful activities they are already doing. Eve noted the sSpecial Purpose Fund has raised $166.00 from bottle returns that could be put towards this project. All information will be included in the newsletter ( with a picture)

Review and Acceptance: Moved by David seconded by Andrew that our Parish support buying a whole farm at a cost of $525. It will be a future Children’s Focus perhaps with pictures.


Cameron has talked to our Bishop and the indigenous Relations Co-ordinator about Parish Councils idea of supporting a Northern Parish in Caledonia.Reconciliation is about relationships more than anything else. We must remember Reconciliation must be done with a humble heart and not seem patronizing. Cameron has been given permission to use a Special Recognition Welcome recognizing the land we are on, at the beginning of each Sunday service.

Community Christmas Care

Cameron is the chair of Christmas Care Committee this year. They are looking for volunteers. Our Parish will be used again as pick up depot for families who did not get their Hampers delivered.


Eve noted that a tree was growing very close to the gutters and needs to be-trimmed.Lyle has volunteered to trim it. Cameron commented that a young man who has been in Squamish the past few weeks has offered to help with bridging and grounds.he is here for another 2 weeks.

Roof Update

Cameron reported that $1530 came in far $91,077 has been raised.The good news was there was no asbestos in the tower.the bad news was some work that was previously not done properly needs to be replaced on the slanted roof to the flat top. The extra  cost will be $30.000. We still have some of our loan…the paper work has been signed to keep the work going. David noted that doing this repair will be a great legacy  for the future of the church going forward for years to come. We will need to recall Vestry when more money is needed.


Cameron reported some good news- the Application for the Development Grant has moved to the next step.There will be a Zoom meeting on Saturday November 2:30 Dianne will represent St.Bernards but he is hoping another member of the congregation will attend. They are still meeting at the outdoor Plaza but are searching for an indoor location as the weather is changing.

Children and Families

The space that has been set up in the  Alcove is receiving positive feedback. New material is being placed in the children’s bags weekly. Cameron will be passing out Candy to the  neighbourhood at the church on Hallowe’en night from 5:00 - 7:00. He will do a children’s focus on Sunday discussing the origin of Halloween.

Joy and Fellowship

Cameron suggested  that  a future Trivia Night or Games night will happen in the near future.Something to bring joy and fellowship.


Already  discussed in financials and building and grounds


Halloween has been discussed.

Stewardship month in November has been discussed.

Advent..Cameron will be holding an Advent study. He is looking forward to having a Yoga and prayer group with Barbara that might involve people outside our community.

Christmas Choir first rehearsal will be on Sunday Oct. 31st. at 1:00 for all those who are interested in singing.

Men’s breakfast group will be resuming Saturday. Cameron will make sure there are some changes to conform with COVID rules.

Paris Council Meetings

It was agreed that  Council meetings will  resume on Sundays after church in person with a hybrid option  on Zoom for those who do not wish to attend in person.

A discussion was led by Cameron about what Council Members are looking forward to

In the future and what brings us joy….bazaar ,seeing friends,Christmas Nativity display, children in church,singing, yoga, Christmas Hymns, were  all mentioned.

Other Business

Coffee hour was discussed..with differing views…Cameron will approach the congregation one Sunday to see if people would appreciate the return of coffee hour.

Will be further discussed at next council meeting

Next Meeting

Sunday November 21st. At 11:30..Hybrid model in person and on Zoom.

Cameron closed with a prayer.