Parish Council Minutes October 18, 2020

Present: Rev. Cameron, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard

Notetaker: Elaine Graham
David opened the meeting with prayer.

The following items were added to the agenda; Kitchen, bench for Linda, Nativity display. Rita moved and Karen seconded that the agenda be approved. Carried

The past minutes were reviewed. It was noted that an addition be added to the conversation regarding the Anglican Foundation. Anna moved and Pam seconded that the minutes be accepted. Carried. * it was agreed that the Anglican Foundation should be promoted during the Stewardship program.

Business Arising from Minutes all items are covered below.

Financials and Envelopes Report

Eve presented the financials for September 2020. Eve moved and Karen seconded the reports be accepted as presented. Carried.

It was agreed that St. John continue to purchase the “Forward Day by Day” for the upcoming year.

The envelope report was presented by Rita.

Fundraising + Stewardship

Bazaar there was discussion about an online bazaar and the logistics for something like this. An idea of an Advent Silent On-line Auction might be something that we could manage. (possibly Shari Knox jewelry, quilted items, etc.)

Deadline for interest would be set for November 8th, allowing two weeks for bidding, photos of items would be included.
Cameron will send out an email.

Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser will go forward on line. Cameron volunteered to deliver catalogues for anyone who wished one.

Elaine to do a list of people who are not on-line Stewardship Campaign

Rita and Karen will join Cameron on the Stewardship campaign


Community Christmas Care -we have had a request for the Hall by Community Christmas Care for the Opps Depot either December 16th or 17th

Maintenance Report

Roof there have been a couple of leaks with the last storm, Elaine to call Pocklingtons
no news on the fence
no news on the kitchen

Reopening Plans

Equipment the live streaming equipment has arrived and will be

installed next week

In-person services: there will be two in person services in November,

Registration will be required.

Staying Connected

Website/Communications - ongoing
Whistler: a group has been formed for the six month discernment

process. A coach will be hired to help with the process. There may be some financial help from the Diocese. “St. John serving the Sea to Sky Corridor”.

st nd November 1 and November 22

. Live streaming will be available for all services. The maximin number of people in the sanctuary is thirty.

Ministry Groups

The Prayer Group and Discussion Group are going well. Cameron is going to start up the Ukulele group via Zoom. They will be thirty minute sessions.

Upcoming Events
Cameron will be handing out candy outside the church for Halloween
Baptism November 1st Baptismal service for Stacey will be an in person service. The 5pm service on November 1st will be All Souls Service
Linda’s Memorial no date has been set, possibly some time in November. There was a discussion about the Memorial bench for Linda and the possibility of a tree to be planted near the bench. Elaine and Rita to work together on the bench.
Advent the possibility of a virtual display was discussed. There could be interviews with the people who have brought in Nativity sets. An announcement could be put in the bulletin to see who is interested in participating in the Nativity display. There was a discussion about having the event in person. Pam and Cameron to speak further about the Nativity Display.
Christmas possibly outside? Cameron asked the committee to think about ways to celebrate Christmas this year.

David moved that the meeting be adjourned.
Next Parish Council Meeting
Sunday November 15th at noon via Zoom.

Elaine to check in with Brad regarding the internet service and live streaming services