Parish Council Minutes August 9th, 2020

Present: Rev. Cameron, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard

Notetaker: Elaine Graham
Regrets: None
Rev Cameron opened the meeting with prayer.

Review and Acceptance of Agenda
Motion: Karen moved Muriel seconded that the agenda be accepted -carried

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes
Motion: Muriel Moved and Eve seconded the approval of the June minutes- carried

Business Arising from Minutes
Memorial gifts
it was reported that small memorial gifts do not need to

be recorded other than regular bookkeeping
Endowments may be memorialized and will be looked at case by case

Financials and Envelopes Report
Eve reported that the Diocese will being depositing grants rather than

making deductions, this new procedure will be effective August 2020
Eve moved and Karen seconded that the balance of credit owed by the

Diocese be deposited to our bank account carried

Eve reported that we have not been transferring $300.00 a month to the contingency saving account because to do so required some one to go the

bank in person. It was recommended that we leave it as it is because interest rates are so low. Motion: Eve moved Pam seconded that St John hold off on transfers and be reviewed in the fall. - Carried

Motion: Eve moved Anna seconded the acceptance of financial reports for Feb, March, April, May and June 2020. Carried

Motion: Eve moved and Rita seconded that the July 2020financial reports be accepted as presented. Carried

Rita provided the envelope report, unpledged down slightly and pledges are up from last year at this time.

Rita to order envelopes for 2021, any additions to be added? It was agreed to keep the format the same as 2020

Permissive Tax Exemption Application
It is time to fill out the application, it is due the end of August, Elaine and

Cameron we will begin the paperwork in the coming week.

Fundraising + Stewardship
Cameron asked that people help spread the word, we have 57 masks available Cameron has taken photos and numbered them for easy shopping Cameron will send it out in an email. At this point we have received 50.00 in donations

Bazaar we probably will be able to do something but will not know until October if this a go could we have it online? Line up outside with specific directions. Cameron will check the Diocese regulations on this Set a date either it will be in person or online November 28th (Advent One)
Could would do the creche display on line?

Maintenance Report
Rectory update -David reported that the rectory has been rented. David has sent in the information to the insurance folks for the previous renters. Thank you to David and Karen for your work on the rectory and support from the parish

It was reported that the dishwasher in the rectory needs to be replaced (approx. 700.00)

Roof we have received a report from Tim , there are some small items that need to be addressed. Pocklington will do the repairs, Elaine to contact them and provide a copy of roof report.

David asked that the fence be put on the agenda for the next meeting

Gardening Need volunteers to come and help weed we will need to come up with a schedule, it would be ok to have 2 people weeding at a time

Reopening Plans
Survey has been sent out, 29 responses have been returned already. Cameron has created charts with the results
It was noted that there is an issue with couples filling out one survey
Cameron will check to see if the setting can be changed so that 2 people can fill out the survey

It was asked if there would be singing at the in person worship services, at this point no but there will be music.

Wardens and Cameron have met and started the reopening plan that needs to be submitted to the Diocese

Equipment at this point in time Cameron is using his phone to record the services Diocese has come out with recommendations for equipment for streaming services, the cost of the camera is about $400.00

Cameron has some more research to do on this, his phone is working fine but going forward we may need something different.

Staying Connected Website/Communications

All is good, it was noted that the enews goes to the junk mail to some people, we will look into it **

Website mentions July meetings? Can that be changed

Summer reflections: Thank you to everyone for participating in this project

Internet -David will check with Brad to see if we need this updated

Zoom- we have a pro account through the Diocese, it is coming to an end do we need to get our own Pro account
Motion: David moved and Karen seconded that we upgrade to Zoom Pro - Carried

Obit for Linda Halverson it was raised that an obituary has not been written for Linda. It was agreed that St John would like to do something for Linda. Cameron is in touch with the family and will check to see what would be appropriate. Cameron will also check with the family for permission to publish an obituary.

Motion: Pam moved Karen seconded that St John publish an obit for Linda and St John cover the cost - carried

Pam and Rita agreed to work on the obituary together.

Whistler Cameron has been exploring the possibility of a church plant in Whistler there is energy and interest there a good mission opportunity. It was suggested that Cameron mention the folks in Whistler at the beginning of the worship service.

Cameron asked if there was some one on parish council who would like to liaison on this project.
Cameron also asked for our prayers regarding this initiative

Ministry Groups

  • Healing Touch Cameron working on record checks this week

  • Fall on line groups will start again

  • Music Carol is happy to be helping with the music but is not in a

    position to become the permanent music person.

Mothering Table- Cameron spoke to the council about a group called “Mothering Table” . It is a group of people who provide support for post partem depression the are looking for a host and space for this group St John has been contacted by a new member of the parish with this request. It was agreed that a brief explanation of the group and their requirements be sent to the council for further discussion.

Upcoming Events
Social gatherings
it was suggested that once a month the council members gather on Zoom for social time and not business

Parish Council visioning short on line retreat to dream together for the future of St John it was agreed that it would be great to gather in person

Next Parish Council Meeting September 20th noon on Zoom

Adjournment David moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting closed with the Grace.