Parish Council Minutes January 24, 2021

Present: Rev. Cameron, David Hildreth, Karen Brumpton, Eve Brealey, Rita Carey, Pam Tattersfield, Anna Morgan, Muriel Shephard

Regrets none
Note taker: Elaine Graham
Rev. Cameron opened the meeting with a prayer.


Thank you notes have been received from the Women’s Centre and Between Shifts

Review and Acceptance of Agenda

Karen moved and Rita seconded the acceptance of the agenda with the additions of the following items:

Anglican Foundation Memorial Bench for Linda

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes


Anna moved and Muriel seconded that the past minutes be accepted as printed.

Business Arising from Minutes

All business will be covered in this meeting

Financial and Envelopes Report

Eve presented the December 2020 financial reports. It was noted that an amended statement will be coming out next week, the bottom line remains the same, it is an internal journal entry.
Eve addressed the questions regarding the amortization report for the building and the roof that is done annually
the building fund is used for the initial building of the church and the roof

Eve moved and Karen seconded that the reports be accepted as distributed


Rita presented the envelope report it was a good year


Rita reported that 25 pledges have been received in 2021. Last year there were 26 pledges.

Cameron will be sending thank you cards for people who have pledged.

Fundraising + Stewardship

Rita and Eve spoke about the issues that St John is currently experiencing with Rev Cameron feels that there needs to be something on the website so that people can donate easily. Elaine will check out Canada Helps, to see if people are having issues with them, ask the Diocese uses Canada Helps Rita will contact the people who are regularly donating using to see if they would be interested in donating via PAD. It was decided that St John will keep until the next meeting, in the meantime Rita and Elaine will do some research.

It was agreed that PAD should be promoted.

Pancake Supper Silent Auction and the Spring Fling are coming up, it was suggested that we start thinking about what it might look like this year


Anglican Foundation

David started a discussion as to how we could further support the Anglican Foundation? Is there an Anglican Foundation Sunday? It was agreed that St John will promote the Anglican Foundation twice a year. Elaine to check to see if there is a PWRD Sunday and Anglican Foundation Sunday. Rev. Cameron will contact Tessa Dudley with PWRD, to invite her to come and speak to St John.


FYI the stove has died, St John will be replacing it. The cost will be approximately $1,000.00. David reported that things are going well with the new tenants.
Roof the bell tower has been tarped, quotes for the repairs and or removal of the bell tower are expected this week.
Kitchen - David reported on the kitchen. A renovation to upgrade the kitchen to be food safe certified would be approximately 16,000.00 without appliances
Internet Elaine is still working on this
Memorial Bench-for Linda David has a connection to someone who will make the bench. There was a conversation regarding the bench and vandalism or theft. This item has been tabled to the March or April meeting. Rev. Cameron is looking after having it fixed.

Whistler Update

Rev. Cameron reported that there is another meeting with the Whistler group on Tuesday. The group continues to work with the coach. A meeting will be set up with Rev. John Stevens to discuss the Whistler group. Cameron reported that it is going well and that people are very excited and energized about it.


Feb 28th The meeting will be via Zoomprinted copies will be available two weeks prior to the meeting for delivery. People will have the option to either phone in or Zoom in. People will need to preregister for the meeting. Cameron will start putting the information out this coming week

Rev. Cameron has two new people interested in joining the parish council Stacey Spencer, and Igor Oliveira

Staying Connected

Technology grant St Johns has spent $1,182.00 on technology, leaving 800.00 available from the grant. Rev. Cameron is checking with others to see what may be required.

Ministry Groups

Music still looking for someone
Songs & a Story
Rev. Cameron is working on this

Archbishop Retirement
Rev. Cameron is putting together a short video for the occasion and asked for volunteers. David and Edie are willing to do this on behalf of the parish. It was also suggested that a card be sent and a financial donation made to the Bishop’s friends – David moved and Rita seconded that 100.00 be sent to the Bishop’s

Friends -


Shrove Tuesday Rev. Cameron is doing a Zoom pancake making session with the Welcome Centre. He hopes to do some teaching and possibly do some pancake art. People will be invited to donate to the Welcome Centre

Ash Wednesday Rev. Cameron and Rev. Karen Millard are working together on Ash Wednesday, it will most likely be a Zoom session.

Lent St John and Squamish United will be doing a book study together. There will be additional Lenten practices/ resources available.

Holy Week Pastor Darcy, from the River Church, has been invited to be the preacher in residence for Holy Week

Review (Christmas/Year)

Rev. Cameron reported that there were over 300 virtual visitors to the Nativity on line display. Pam will forward the feedback that she has received from this event.
The children
’s Christmas eve service and the Christmas Day service had lower that usual attendance. There seems to have been a small issue with registering for these services, which could have been that the system was overloaded.

Rev. Cameron reported that a film company will be renting the sanctuary for a movie on February 16th 19th of February.
Pam mentioned that someone from the church should be present during this time.
Do we need a liaison? Rev. Cameron to let us know.

Next Parish Council Meeting February 21st ,2021 @ 11:00

Closing Prayer + Grace
Cameron closed us with prayer, the group said the grace together

Karen moved that the meeting be adjourned