Dearly Beloved,

This November marks this year’s stewardship month at St. John’s. We will spend this time reflecting together about how we are called to steward – manage – the gifts we have been given, as followers of Jesus. How do we spend our money, energy, time and skills, on ourselves, our friends and family, the Church, our wider community, and those in need? 

This question is something that, I think, is worth reflecting on regularly; what is the story that my stewardship is telling? Does it reflect my values and priorities?  

As part of this month of stewardship, I invite you to make a pledge – a commitment of some of your God-given gifts – for our shared life and ministry at St. John the Divine in 2021. 

However, before that, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to all for your faithful stewardship in the past year (and years before) at St. John’s. I am constantly blown away by you, by the generosity of spirit, care and dedication on display in this community as we live out our calling to be the body of Christ in this place. Thank you. 

I also wanted to have a quick look back on what has been in many ways a difficult year. However, despite a global pandemic, amazing things have taken place at St. John’s in 2020.

Did you know that in January and February of 2020, the church was 25% fuller than the year before? We had children and new people in church connecting with our community!

Did you know that pledges for 2020 were almost 50% higher than the year before, the highest in 8 years (and we are on track to realize those pledges)? 

This past year, we have begun a discernment for a new community in Whistler, we have made major improvements to our welcome area, we have connected with new community groups, and we have pivoted quickly in this new environment to offer online opportunities to connect, learn and pray. 

 I continue to believe God is doing something amazing with and through us here at St. John’s, and I am so excited, and committed, to be part of it with you. 

So, please, I invite you to prayerfully fill out St. John’s 2021 pledge form by the end of this month and return it by mail, email or by arranging to drop it off. It is an important year, with our goals of sustaining full-time ordained ministry, connection, prayer and Whistler. The pledge card can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this letter.

If this is your first time pledging, I welcome you to this spiritual discipline, and thank you for making this commitment. If you have pledged before, I wonder if you are able to increase your pledge, even by 1% or 2%? God does wonders, even with small things. 

Thank you for your careful consideration. To God be the glory!

Your brother in Christ,



Outside Organizations

As part of your stewardship, we give the option and invite you to support several amazing organizations that support our work as the church as part of your pledge. 

  1. PWRDF. The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development and relief. They partner with groups in Canada and around the world to do amazing work. To learn more about them, visit their website:
  2. Care + Share. This is an initiative of the Diocese of New Westminster that directly funds new ministries in the diocese through voluntary donations. This year’s recipient is Urban Aboriginal Ministry, which offers ministry to indigenous people in and around Vancouver. To learn more about them, visit their website:

As part of our stewardship campaign this year, we are also inviting people to become members ($50) of the Anglican Foundation.

  1. Anglican Foundation. The AFC provides grants to encourage and support ministry across the Anglican Church of Canada. St. John’s has been a beneficiary in years past! You can become a member and learn more about the Anglican Foundation here:

Over the month of November, we will be releasing videos with representatives from each of these organizations to learn a little more about the work that they do. Make sure to check them out!


Stewardship Moment 1

Stewardship Moment 2

Stewardship Moment 3

Stewarshhip Moment Urban Aboriginal Ministry