The Parish of St John the Divine Squamish would like to thank the Rev. Gary Hamblin, The Ven. Stephen Muir and Rev. Keith Gilbert for their leadership over the past month. One more week to go till the Rev. Cameron Gutjahr begins his exciting ministry with us. Here is a copy of a letter of thanks to Rev. Gary Hamblin.


Hello Gary, and on behalf of our Parishioners, many thanks for the wonderful services you have provided, June 2nd. June 16th. Everyone enjoyed your spiritual leadership, genuine homily’s, and most certainly your lovely and humorous stories. Also, wonderful that Joy and your daughter Natasha could join in. Joy’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is marvellous and hopefully her display of purses was beneficial this morning. All the best and maybe consider if possible attending our Induction of new Priest Cameron Gutjahr on July 23rd.- 7 pm. With Her Grace officiating. God bless. Karen, Trevor and David.Wardens.